This research group aims to integrate the contributions of the different groups who deal with different facets of this paradigm towards a formalization and societal impact of this science. This theme is central to the unit and is therefore declined in the different thematic and methodological issues.

The challenge of this group is to develop, through the sharing of case studies resulting from the different GDRS, a strategy for analyzing their coviability, as well as a methodology for its assessment and definition of new indicators. The approach considered is to create a network that would live through dedicated workshops organized on the various chosen sites. Their goal is to assess the viability of socio and ecological systems through their interactions: pressure level, social practices (of exploitation and harvesting systems) – impacts, modalities of existing regulations, levels of biodiversity deterioration, ontology of the dynamics between societies and their environment, …

The approach is founded around the key interconnected aspects: Diagnosis, Issues, Regulation, Modeling of coviability: DERM-S as a reading grid and analysis arrangement of territorial coviability.