The group “Methodology to Transfer the results of Research”, brings together researchers involved in thematic or methodological research groups, who already have or wish to transfer all or part of their results to the civilian society. Since our actionable science primarily addresses issues of societal and environmental impact, this group is essential and complementary to the numerical challenges of open science. The aim is to put our research at the service of local populations by sharing the results obtained, in order to participate in the democratization of knowledge. The main goal of these actions is to strengthen the links between science and society. It can also bring to light unexpected information that can sometimes be decisive for the interpretation of research results and may have consequences for future work to be carried out. These transfers to society can take various forms. It can take the form of a restitution of results to the populations that have hosted the researchers, conferences with local populations, or with students in the schools of these communities. Serious games, intended for adults and schoolchildren, can also be set up towards knowledge transmission, risk management, or agro-ecological transition. Some of them can be role-playing games in the form of sessions around a board game or real plays that involve the actors around a problem to be solved through communication and understanding of the overall situation. The means implemented for the animation and exchange within this transversal research group will be:

1) Diagnosis: to share internally our various past, present or future transfer actions,

2) Information: to propose and discuss other methods, internally and through external contributors, 3) Validation: to develop indicators to assess the effectiveness of the transfer,

4) Capitalization: to share our experiences of transfer through scientific publications (case studies or syntheses).