“Open science encompasses unhindered access to scientific articles, access to public research data and collaborative research made possible by the tools and incentives of Information and Communication Technologies. Broadening access to scientific publications and data is at the heart of open science, so that research results are in the hands of as many people as possible and the potential benefits are distributed as widely as possible”. (OECD, 2015)

Knowledge sharing offered by open science is crucial for developing countries, especially in public health and epidemiology, food and agriculture, and the impacts of climate change etc.”. »

Building on the principles of open science to put research at the service of sustainable development objectives (SDOs)“.

There are many issues surrounding the sharing and opening up of research data, and since the mid-2000s a number of initiatives have been launched to promote access to public research data at international, European and national levels:

In September 2019, IRD officially opened the data warehouse, DataSuds. Scientists from the ESPACE-DEV lab and their partners can benefit, via this platform, from a service that enables them to disseminate, preserve and enhance their research data.

The lab’s “open science” unit aims to disseminate information on 1) good practices, 2) methodologies and 3) tools to be put in place, so that researchers can themselves share their data.

It also aims to set up data management plans within our research programs, and to identify the needs in terms of data processing and archiving, as well as training.

ESPACE-DEV data warehouse

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