The main location of the research laboratory ESPACE-DEV is at the Maison de la Télédétection in Montpellier, France, a location that brings together another research lab, as well as a service unit, and other private or public organizations. The Montpellier site has a strong remote sensing component, including its contributions to the satellite reception antenna, implementation of processing chains, and includes thematic research on various dimensions of global changes that characterize the societal and environmental dynamics, as well as methodological research on data science and modeling.

The Montpellier site is also associated with the two sites of the University of Perpignan and the University of Avignon, to form the France Sud site. The site policy is that of the i-site MUSE and EQUIPEX Geosud.


Maison de la Télédétection
500, rue Jean-François Breton
34093 Montpellier cedex 05

Tel : +33 (0) 4 67 55 86 05