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Offre de post-doctorat - Projet Ecomore2


Climate influence on the evolution of dengue and leptospirosis epidemics in South-East Asia

The ECOMORE2  project is a project funded by the French Development Agency (AFD) and coordinated by Institut Pasteur.

The Climate component of the ECOMORE2 project led by Institute of Research for Development, proposes to implement a climate service to map the risk of dengue and leptospirosis transmission in South East Asia , which experienced several outbreaks within the last decade, and to estimate the evolution of those risks with climate change. The work focuses on several country components such as: Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, as well as the Philippines.
Most of the activities of the Postdoc will consist of implementing a model of risk of dengue outbreak and a model of leptospirosis epidemic dynamics, both based on climate and environmental variables at a regional scale. The model will then be used to estimate the evolution of the risk of dengue and leptospirosis outbreak in the future up to 2100, using the climate projection obtained from the CORDEX-SEA, CMIP5, CMIP6 under RCP and SSP scenarii.
The candidate must have a PhD with a strong background in Machine learning/non linear modelling in relation to epidemiology.
The position is for 22 months, starting as soon as possible. The salary is 2500Euros/month with 45 days of vacation per year. The postdoc will be based at IRD, in New-Caledonia, South Pacific and will travel several times to South East Asia to work with partners.
Applications must be sent through E-mail to Morgan Mangeas, Christophe Menkens with email subject: ‘Post Doc in Climate Change for ECOMORE2’ before April 31, 2019.

The proposal must contain:

•    Motivation letter with date availability
•    Extended CV with bibliography

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