FALAH (Family farming, lifestyle and health) is a multidisciplinary project focused mainly on family farming and food in the Pacific Islands. Due to the close relationship between agriculture and food, the project is structured in three complementary scientific components.  The project involves some fifteen multidisciplinary teams at local, regional and international networks. This network-networking project mobilizes researchers and teaching-researchers from Europe and partners from Vanuatu, Fiji, Salomon, New-Caledonia and Australia.
During this project, three time phases are planned at different levels, as shown in the figure below (2020, 2012 and 2022). In each phase, joint meetings in the form of workshops or conferences are planned for the three WPs. At the same time, common areas of experimentation / exploration for future research are planned on the Pacific Fields of Application (Fiji, Solomon, Vanuatu and NC). The secondments of the members of the scientific teams are defined on the basis of these joint meetings. The teams must also propose specific secondments according to the tasks they wish to carry out, the apprenticeships and / or the enrichments they wish. Regardless of the WP, please note that the number of stays will be 3 to 6 maximum per team during a year (ie 9 to 18 for the total duration of the 3 phases of the project).