South America is one of the areas most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, and in particular its northern Amazonian part – the Guyana Field- due to its high level of poverty. It appears necessary to conduct research on urban heat islands (UHI) in these neglected areas due to their high urbanization potential and their sensitivity to climate change. For this reason UMR Espace-Dev is involved in a research project entitled PERICLIM.

Job description:
The objective of the PERICLIM project is to create a satellite image processing chain in order to produce UHI data maps at a high temporal (15 min to 1 hour) and spatial (30m to 1000m) scale. The data produced will be analyzed in order to identify the parameters or descriptors that influence variations of UHIs in urban areas of the Guyana Field.
The workplace is located in Cayenne.

The successful candidate will have:

  • Successfullyompleted PhD or Engineering degree in Atmospheric science or computational science
  • Strong programming skills
  • A knowledge of satellite images and tools for downloading, processing and analyzing this type of image would be highly appreciated

Send CV and letter of application by mail à Laurent Linguet

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