ECOMORE 2 Project aims to study the impact of changes in ecosystems on the health of populations as a result of human activity (urbanization, agricultural intensification, land use, population movements) and climate change. It is funded by AFD, in line with the strong international and regional concerns raised by COP21. A “climate-environment” Work Package of ECOMORE 2, led by UMR ESPACE-DEV, proposes to set up a climate service to map the risk of dengue and leptospirosis transmission in partner countries, which have experienced several epidemics over the last decade. The objective is to estimate the evolution of these risks in the context of climate change, based on IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) multi-model climate data, for different emission scenarios in order to determine whether dengue, leptospirosis and the vectors can spread beyond their current boundaries. Locally, the “climate-environment” component also aims to analyse spatially the epidemiological and entomological surveillance surveys carried out in each country.

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