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Post-doc Position - Projet BONDS

IRD and P1030249 MPBCIRAD, together with other international partners, have started in April 2019 a joint project, BONDS (Balancing BiOdiversity coNservation with Development in Amazonian wetlandS), funded by the Belmont Forum organization under the BiodivERsA call.

Threats to the integrity of biodiverse Amazon floodplain habitats from deforestation, dams, and climate change are increasingly severe but to date, Amazon biodiversity scenarios have not considered these critical environments. The BONDS project looks to improve characterization of Amazonian whitewater floodplain habitats and inundation dynamics, by 1) scaling up existing fish, floodplain forest, and phytoplankton biodiversity datasets, 2) evaluating the potential impacts of regional drivers such as climate, land use change, and dams on floodplain habitats, and 3) engaging at local and regional scale a large panel of stakeholders in looking for sustainable strategies for wetlands preservation. Innovative aspects of BONDS include 1) testing a remote-sensing-based approach for mapping phytoplankton biodiversity in floodplain lakes; 2) use of new satellite data to greatly increase the spatiotemporal resolution of floodplain habitat and inundation maps; 3) use of environmental eDNA metabarcoding to examine the distribution and relative abundance of phytoplankton, zooplankton, and fish in floodplain lakes; 4) individual-based modeling of fish foraging patterns across a network of oxbow lakes; and 5)designing nested-scale agent-based participatory models, using the GAMA (, in order to develop scenarios.

This job profile concerns a post-doctoral position offered on this last aspect, which is entirely covered by WorkPackage 3 of the project.

Design and development of ABM models on the GAMA platform.
Design and development of extensions to the GAMA platform (in Java or other suitable languages) in order to facilitate the description of indicators or goals for the simulations.
Design and development of extensions to the GAMA platform (in Java or other suitable languages) in order to facilitate the use of simulations in role-playing games.

The position will be located in Montpellier, in the premises of UMR Espace-Dev (Maison de la Télédétection, 500 rue Jean-François Breton, 34093 Montpellier, France). The work will be done in coordination with the other researchers working in this project. The position may imply to do some travels in Brazil and France to meet the researchers and partners present on site or participate to project meetings.

Indicative remuneration
Gross monthly salary: 2150€

For more information download the postdoc announcement

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